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Frequently Asked Questions

How does CallKeeper know when to propose a CallKeeper?

The platform is fully customizable and can be set to offer the CallKeeper as you desire. This could simply be the amount of time a visitor has spent on your website, if they are clicking the HELP button frequently, or if the visitor closes the website without a purchase. It is up to you!

How am I notified of an incoming CallKeeper from the website?

When you receive a CallKeeper you will get a voice message explaining you have a CallKeeper and are about to be connected.

What if I am unavailable to take the CallKeeper?

It is advisable to configure the numbers of between 2-5 people who can speak to potential customers. CallKeeper is there to help you sell so you can configure our system to call one person and if they are unavailable it will call the second person…and so on or you can have CallKeeper to call all configured phones simultaneously and the first person to pick up gets connected. The choice is yours!

How do I pay CallKeeper?

Log in to your account, click Payments and choose your desired option.  You can pay by Bank Transfer, Direct Debit, Credit Card or PayPal.

How do I change my CallKeeper package?

Log into your account and choose the package you wish to change to. It will be activated instantly and your credit balance is moved to your new package.

What happens if I run out of credit on my account?

We will keep an eye on the account and send you and SMS and Email message.

How is my call time on CallKeeper calculated?

We bill per minute, rounded upwards, so for example, a call lasting one minute 50 seconds is billed at two minutes.

Is CallKeeper available everywhere?

Yes, CallKeeper is a global brand and works everywhere you have internet and telephone.

How do I get CallKeeper on my website?

If you do not yet have a CallKeeper, create one. If you have an account Log in and click SETTINGS. Fill ALL fields and click SAVE. This will generate a code which you simply Copy & Paste into the code on your website. It is as easy as installing a Google Analytics counter but if you are not sure, call us on + 49 6583 994 5836 and we can help you.

How do I listen to the recordings of my CallKeeper conversations?

When you log in to your CallKeeper account and Click on “CALLS” you will see a list of your CallKeepers with all statistics and recordings.

What statistics does CallKeeper provide?

CallKeeper, not only, provides the date, time, duration and recording of your conversations but also the source of the visitor to your website i.e. if they came via a  search engine, a referral link, a social network, advertising or a referrals.

How do I put CallKeeper on my other sites?

Log in to your account and click “APPLICATIONS” then click “CREATE NEW”. You need a new application for each website.

How I get rid of nuisance calls?

CallKeeper has a BLACKLIST option; just add a number and it is blocked.

How do I use CallKeeper with my IVR system?

If you have a potential customer on the line we would always advise you to route the CallKeeper directly to a sales person.  If you must have the CallKeeper go through an IVR you can program it to recognize the CallKeeper number (which is always the same) and auto direct it to a sales person or you can specify an extension in CallKeeper “APPLICATIONS” .  CallKeeper may not work with all PBX systems.

How do I keep track of my CallKeeper events in Google Analytics?

Just add to my analytics system goals:
CallKeeper_OPEN - opening dialog
CallKeeper_CLOSE - close the dialog box
CallKeeper_CALL - Order a call
CallKeeper_PHONEICON - click on the icon of the active phone
CallKeeper_OPEN_MOBILE - click on the icon to call the mobile version
CallKeeper_CLOSE_MOBILE - closing a call to the mobile version
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